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AC Walton
Hard Red Spring Milling Wheat


Dr. H. G. Nass, H. W. Johnston, C. R. Blatt, G. Atlins, and R. B. Waltona, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Research Centre Charlottetown, PE


  • Hard red spring milling wheat
  • High yielding
  • Good resistance to lodging
  • Resistant to powerdy mildew and fusarium head blight
  • Suitable for production in Eastern Canada, particularly in the Atlantic region



Seeding Rate:

Recommend Rate: approx. 155-175lbs./acre. Fertilize at 210 lbs./acre with 22-11-11 Top dress with 100 lbs. of 34-0-0 at crop emergence For wheat to meet milling grade, additional fertilizer may be required.

Germination Percent:

97 %

Thousand Kernel Weight:

38 g

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